Papers and Posters

The ICTD2012 Program Chairs announce that the following papers have been accepted for plenary presentations and posters for the conference. 129 papers were submitted to ICTD2012, of which 94 were submitted to double-blind review by three or more peers. 38 Papers were selected: 18 for Plenary Talks and 20 for Poster Presentations. Thus acceptance rates for ICTD2012 can be calculated as 18 of 94 reviewed submissions for plenary talks (19%) and 38 of 94 reviewed submissions for poster presentations (40%). The 38 accepted papers represent 34 academic institutions and organizations on five continents.

Paper Sessions

Supporting Practice

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 9:00am-10:30am

Reconsidering Stances

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 15:30pm-17:30pm

Understanding Behaviors

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 8:30am-10:00am

Utilizing Elements

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 10:30am-12:30pm

Expanding Participation

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 15:00pm-17:00pm


VillageCell: Cost Effective Cellular Connectivity in Rural Areas, Abhinav Anand, University of California, Santa Barbara; Veljko Pejovic, UC Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Belding, University of California, Santa Barbara; David Johnson, University of California, Santa Barbara

Software for National Level Vaccine Cold Chain Equipment Management, Richard Anderson, University of Washington; John Lloyd, PATH; Sophie Newland, PATH

Sharing in Public: Working With Others in Ghanaian Cybercafés, Michael Best, Georgia Tech; Bence Kollanyi, Georgia Tech; Sunil Garg, Georgia Tech

WATER Alert!: Using Mobile Phones to Improve Community Perspective on Drinking Water Quality in South Africa, Deana Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology; Gary Marsden, University of Cape Town; Ulrike Rivett, University of Cape Town

The Midwife’s Assistant: Designing Instructional Software for Diagnostic Ultrasound, Waylon Brunette, University of Washington; Ruth Anderson, University of Washington; Beth Kolko, University of Washington; Alexis Hope, University of Washington; Jacqueline Keh, University of Washington; Wayne Gerard, University of Washington; Michael Kawooya, Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute, Uganda; Laura Schlenke, University of Washington; Rob Nathan, University of Washington.

ICTD Interventions: Trends over the Last Decade, Christopher Chepken, UCT; Raymond Mugwanya, UCT; Gary Marsden, University of Cape Town; Edwin Blake, University of Cape Town

Network Traffic Locality in a Rural African Village, David Johnson, UC, Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Belding, UC, Santa Barbara; Gertjan van Stam, Linknet

Participation through Mobile Phones – A Study of SMS Use during the Ugandan General Elections 2011, Anna Karefelt, Uppsala University; Johan Hellström, Stockholm University

PhonePeti: Exploring the Role of an Answering Machine System in Community Radio, Zahir Koradia, Indian Institute of Technology; Aaditeshwar Seth, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Grassroots Mobilization of Internet NGOs in China: The Cases of and, Tian Luo, Ohio University

The Role of Gender in Mobile Phone Use: Quantitative Evidence from Rwanda, Ashley Nguyen, U.C. Berkeley; Anita Mehrotra, U.C. Berkeley; Viraj Mohan, U.C. Berkeley; Joshua Blumenstock, U.C. Berkeley School of Information

Assistive Technology and the Employment of People with Vision Impairments in India, Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan; Meera Lakshmanan, Cambridge

Local-Language Digital Information in India: Challenges and Opportunities for Screen Readers, Joyojeet Pal, University of Michigan; Vrutti Vyas, NYU Poly; Anjali Vartak, NYU Poly; Avinash Vutukuri, NYU Poly; Yeswanth Gogineni, NYU-Poly; Kunjan Sanghavi, NYU Poly; Vivek Veeraiah, NYU Poly; Kiran Bartakee, NYU Poly

ICT Access and Use by Microentrepreneurs in Mumbai, India: A Value Chain Model Analysis, Vigneswara Pandian, IIT Delhi

ICT Diffusion in the Republic of Armenia, Katy Pearce, U.C., Santa Barbara

Communicating About Users in ICTD: Leveraging HCI Personas, Cynthia Putnam, DePaul University; Beth Kolko, University of Washington; Siri Wood, PATH

Viral Entertainment as Vehicle for Disseminating Speech Based Services to Low Literate Users, Agha Ali Raza, Carnegie Mellon University; Roni Rosenfeld, Carnegie Mellon University; Jahanzeb Sherwani, Carnegie Mellon University; Christina Milo, Carnegie Mellon University; Guy Alster, Carnegie Mellon University; Umar Saif, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Mansoor Pervaiz, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Samia Razaq, Lahore University of Management Sciences

CVDMagic: A Mobile Based Study for CVD Risk Detection in Rural India, Pushpendra Singh, IIIT-Delhi; Amarjeet Singh, IIIT-Delhi; Vinayak Naik, IIIT-Delhi; Sangeeta Lal, IIIT-Delhi

Natural Obsolescence or Cultural Evolution? A Multidisciplinary Case Study of Village Phone, Kentaro Toyama, UC Berkeley; Sara Boettiger, UC Berkeley; Rezwana Abed, UC Berkeley

Designing a Voice-Based Employment Exchange for Rural India, Jerome White, IBM; Mayuri Duggirala, IBM; Saurabh Srivastava, IBM; Krishna Kummamuru, IBM