Mentorship Program

Program Dates

May 1 Peer review mentor program submission deadline
May 7 Peer and applicant matching
May 31 Peer reviews completed

As the ICTD community has grown, it has become widely recognized that our members bring to the conference a diverse array of skills and experience – whether as students, researchers, practitioners, or otherwise – in many different disciplines. In an effort to encourage broader representation in the conference program, we invite anyone who is interested, especially junior researchers and pre-doctoral students from around the world, to participate in a peer mentorship program and help each other refine submission drafts leading up to the conference submission deadline in June.

Researchers should submit drafts of conference submissions to by May 1, 2011. A committee of PhD students from the host institution will match applicants with at least one peer having similar interests and a complementary skill-set, as well as previous experience with the ICTD paper submission and review process. Pairings will be announced within a week after the May 1 deadline. Peer mentors will review each other’s papers according to a detailed and thorough rubric, highlighting strengths and suggesting areas that could be improved prior to formal submission to the conference.

Reviews will be complete by May 31 at the latest, although we will encourage mentors to begin a dialog with their partners