Call For Open Sessions

To propose an open session, please visit the open sessions application form.

Important Dates

October 7 Proposal submission deadline (11:59pm UTC)
December 9 Results announced
January-February Revisions and detailed planning
March 12-15 Conference dates

About Open Sessions

We invite you to propose an Open Session at ICTD2012! Accompanying the full papers program on the 13th and 14th March are two further days of events with a less formal flavor to take place before and after (on the 12th and 15th). These lively and diverse sessions made a major contribution to the spirit of the conference in London in 2010 and, with your input, they can be an exciting and integral part of the experience in Atlanta. Open Sessions vary widely in theme and style, including panels, discussions, SIGs and workshops. They may be a whole day, or run for just 90 minutes. They may be run in a language other than the official conference language of English (we are particularly interested in a French and/or Spanish program). And the application process is simple and quick.

Openness is an important part of what makes these sessions special. Organisers choose the structure, theme and approach of their program while anyone registered for the conference can attend as many open sessions as they wish, without the need to pre-register for them.

We ask you to present your proposal on the Open Sessions form (at the URL below), giving us details of who is involved and what you want to do. We are happy to approve a wide range of sessions providing they meet the minimum criteria, listed below (although we may have to adjust the time we offer each team, based on number of accepted submissions). If accepted, we ask you to be creative, entertaining and thought-provoking and to work with us to fit a tight agenda.

Types of session might include:

  • Workshops
  • Panels/Debates
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Roundtable Discussions/Fishbowls
  • Open Spaces/Unconferences/Wildcard sessions
  • Performances/Storytelling
  • Anything you design that engages a range of people over a short, focused session

Previous themes have included creativity, ethics, accountability, practitioner roles, reflections on the conference, development theory, climate change, gender, area studies, burning topics, new directions, notions of knowledge, language specific mini-conferences, report consultations, technology practicums, and more (see the ICTD2010 website). ICTD2012 can include an even wider range of content, all related to ICT and Development.

Contact us with any questions at:

Proposals for sessions will be reviewed by the open sessions committee and judged on the following criteria. Each session should be:

  • Open to any interested conference attendees, up to a specified maximum number
  • Accessible to a highly interdisciplinary ICT and development audience
  • Lively, participatory and inclusive in style and content as appropriate
  • Relevant to the themes of the conference
  • Demonstrating careful planning and a clear structure
  • Neatly summed up in a 50 word description, as well as a longer explanation of how your intentions will be achieved (as suggested on the form provided)
  • Designed so that you leave the session space tidy afterwards (Note: working outside in a range of spaces may be possible, but will need backing up in case the weather is unseasonal)
  • Presented on the Open Sessions Form