Beyond m apps for “people like us”: Understanding teleuse to design for development

Open Session
Rohan Samarjiva (LIRNEasia), Tim Kelly (World Bank), Christoph Stork (Research ICT Africa/RIA), Helani Galpaya (LIRNEasia) and Laurent Elder (IDRC)
Time: Thursday, March 15, 2012 10:45am-12:00am
Room: Conference 3
Designing ICT apps for “people like us” is not effectively integrating the Bottom of the Pyramid into the Internet economy. But of app developers understand the BoP user, they can do BoP-relevant design. Using evidence, we will answer questions such as what are tele-use habits of the BoP? What forms of ICTs do they have access to? What are their preferred modes of ICT access and why? What utilities do they currently derive from their phones? What do they wish they could do? What are the barriers?

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