Mobiles, Social Media and Democracy

Open Session
Tim Unwin, CTO
Time: Thursday, March 15, 2012 9:00am-10:15am
Room: Conference 2
This half-day session explores the critical success factors in effecting political change through social media, particularly with the use of mobile ‘phones. It consists of a 90 minute debate (including a twitter forum) followed by a 90 minute workshop that will draw out policy implications from the themes discussed.
The session will be live streamed, and live participation and interaction through Twitter are being encouraged. All relevant tweets will be posted onto the screen during the session, so those not able to be there in person can participate. We will be using the hashtag #SocMed4Dem, but if you wish to engage with wider debates you might also like to use these tags as well
#socialmedia, #democracy and #ict4d.
Speakers during the opening debate include Mario Maniewicz from the ITU, Adam Salkeld from Tinopolis, and Richard Gizbert from al Jazeera (amongst others). This will then be followed by a series of round table discussions on key issues that emerge from
the debate.

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